We are located just outside of Red Deer, Alberta Canada

All of our Magnificent Leonbergers are imported from Europe

This is Luxor, he is beautiful inside and out (pictured at 8 months old)

The Leonberger is a wonderful family companion, they are loyal, affectionate and emotional towards the family. They love to swim, go for walks, you can take them anywhere. They are not barkers , love to lay by your feet and just happy to be with their family

They are easy to train, and so easy to live with, all they need is love and praise

I do all the testing on my dogs and have gone to great lengths to produce healthy happy puppies, all my dogs have been imported from Europe.



November 4, 2017

I have 2 beautiful girls available



if you are interested in her please take a few minutes to fill out my questionnaire



















Sara Hartley




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